CSA Box: 3/1/2014 – GoldRush Apples

CSA members will enjoy in their CSA box this week:

GoldRush Apples

Appearance:  Yellow apple with orange blush.  Russets (textured spots) decorate the skin.  Flavor Profile:  Firm, juicy, and tart, some say it has a winey flavor.
Uses:  Excellent storage apple.  Best eaten fresh, but cooks nicely too.
Who’s Favorite:  Sidney

Fuji Apples

Appearance:  Red with a yellow background color, slightly lopsided (because of its York parentage) with small russets (textured spots).
Flavor Profile:  Extremely sweet and firm.
Uses:  Our best storage apple of our sweet varieties.  A favorite apple for eating fresh.  Who’s Favorite:  Mary Margaret

Asian Pears
We just opened our Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage, so we have “fresh” Asian Pears.  Fresh is in quotations because these pears were harvested in the fall, but since we put them in CA, their respiration, or maturation process, slowed down greatly, so it is like they were just picked!  Super juicy, sweet, with a snappy skin.

Pumpkin Butter
We made a fresh batch of pumpkin butter this fall with some of our not-so-perfect heirloom pumpkins and squash.  But the pumpkin butter is definitely perfect!  Enjoy it on a bagel with cream cheese, or mix into muffins, and reduce the amount of sugar.

Dried Asian Pears
We dried some of our Asian Pears this winter and customers at our Palisades Farmers Market are gobbling them up.  They are very sweet – just like our fresh Asian Pears, and the texture is unique.

White Potatoes
Perfect all-around potatoes.  Excellent mashed/smashed, roasted, boiled, baked, or fried.

Sunchokes have become very very popular with our CSA customers.  Tell us how you enjoy eating them!

White Eggs
We get the eggs from Weikert’s Egg Farm, and they are extremely fresh.  If you are looking to hard boil (and successfully peel) the eggs, let them sit in the fridge for a week.  Fresh eggs which have been hard boiled do not peel easily.

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