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Summertime Apples (newsletter)

We have a number of Summertime Apples:  Zestar!, Ginger Gold, Summer Mac, Dandee Red, and Summer Rambo. Ginger Gold Apples We are noticing that many of the apples have a characteristic called “water core.”  Water core is when the center of the apple has a patchy transparent or glossy appearance, and it is because the […]

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Savor the Cherries (newsletter)

Mary Margaret is always good about bringing in her Bon Appetit magazine each month.  We all google over the photos, and dream of making all of the recipes in the magazine.  This month they have a “Cherry-O!” feature.  These two are definitely eye catchers: Roasted Buttered Cherries Pork Loin with Cherry Vinaigrette If you ever […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Anthony?

Anthony enjoys munchin’ on Mary Margaret’s Pickled Garlic Scapes.  A customer from our 14th & U Farmers Market shared the recipe with Mary Margaret last summer, and Anthony has been enjoying the Pickled Garlic Scapes all winter long. Garlic Scapes also make great pesto.   Add some basil, parsley, some nuts (pine nuts, almonds or pistachios all work […]

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